Leaders of W

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversee the overall development, strategy, and long-term goals of W. The board meets monthly to help ensure quality communication between all facets of the organization, assist in setting goals, and ground-level program planning.

Interested in joining our Board of Directors? As the premier young professionals organization in the Wichita region, we desire to continue the advancing access and opportunities for emerging talent and young professionals. If you are a young professionals who is passionate and cares about our Wichita region, stay tuned for our 2024 board application.

Community Advisors serve on the Board of Directors and are community leaders who have diverse ethnic, professional and demographic backgrounds, but share a common passion for the health and prosperity of Wichita. They provide direction, guidance, mentoring and leadership development.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council convenes representatives from each of W’s corporate investors quarterly to help define expectations, evaluate outcomes and assist with corporate marketing and YP recruitment. The Advisory Council Chair serves on the Board of Directors.

W’s corporate investors are an essential part of W’s past and future successes. These businesses believe that attracting, engaging and retaining young talent is vital to Wichita’s future. They invest in W to ensure that their employees and others in the business community have access to high quality events and programs that are designed specifically for young professionals.