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Moving Wichita Forward

Mon, Apr 6 · 5:00p 8:00p

We are at a cross roads in our city. We have the opportunity to shape our community for the better for many generations to come. Together, we can build a city for us, our children, and their children. A city where we are all welcomed, where we are all heard, where we have the ability to enjoy the heart of our community.

Join us to have our voices heard. Together we move our community forward. Why? Because we are the difference.

This event has been postponed until April 6. Final location will be determined shortly.

Do you want to take the city we love from second-best to first-class? You have a decision to make that will change the trajectory of Wichita. This isn’t just about the big blue dome or activating our river. This is about Wichita’s survival. The truth is, if we don’t take this chance now, it won’t happen again. We’ve denied these opportunities far too long and we’re losing talent and revenue by staying the status-quo.

Select your respective elected officials below, City Council and County Commission, and let them know you support the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan. The time is now to move Wichita forward.

I support the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan and I pledge to show up to the polls to make it known that I’m ready to invest in my community and future generations waiting to take this city by storm.

Don’t know who your City Council Member and County Commissioner is? Follow the link below.
City Council | County Commission

Move Wichita Forward

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