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Professional Development Series – Neutralizing the Power of Imposter Syndrome

Thu, Feb 29 · 5:30p 7:00p

A W Young Professional’s Develop Action Team Event

As young professionals, we often have moments where we have no idea what we’re doing, where to go next, or how to achieve our goals. The Wichita region is full of experienced professionals who have been where we are now. Through the new Young Professional Development Series, you will receive guidance, inspiration, and tangible takeaways to help you unlock the doors to your potential. This quarterly event series will connect you with fellow young professionals and wisdom from those who have faced the same career challenges. From imposter syndrome to personal branding, you’ll want to add this interactive event series to your calendar in 2024.

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In the first event in the series, Caitlin Slemp, a digital marketing luminary at WSU Tech with a wealth of experience, will lead the conversation on imposter syndrome.

Event Speaker

Caitlin Slemp | Video Producer and Digital Marketing Content Creator at WSU Tech

Join us as we dive into the intricate nuances of this prevalent phenomenon, exploring its origins, manifestations, and profound impact on high-achieving individuals. Through engaging anecdotes and evidence-based insights, we will unravel the complexities of Imposter Syndrome, shedding light on its subtle yet phenomenal influence on self-perception and professional growth. Discover practical strategies for navigating self-doubt and fostering resilience in the face of perceived inadequacy. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and empower yourself to conquer the impostor within.

Samantha Camden


TEC Systems Group

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Wichita, Kansas 67202