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Progeny: Investing in our Greatest Resource

Thu, Sep 17 · 7:00p 8:00p

The current social climate in our country following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor has shed light on the inequities and injustices in our nations justice system. Too often when our most vulnerable, our youth, are touched by the justice system they are faced with a life time of challenges limiting their future and opportunities.

Progeny, a program of Seed House, has been working to shine a light on the challenges of the juvenile correction system that has increasingly undermined rather than uplifted vulnerable adolescents on the fringe and with few options for life advancement.

Young professionals, activists, and citizens join us to learn how Progeny is working to bring solutions to these problems, about the Kansas juvenile reform bill (SB 367), where the system still needs much improvement, and what we can do to help invest in our youth and tap into the reserve of talent that is in our very own backyard.

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