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Remote Control – Virtual

Thu, Apr 16 · 12:00p 1:00p

What is it like to work remotely? What challenges do we face? The onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic has forced many Wichitans to work remotely for the first time. Join us for Remote Control, a two-part series presented by W, Groover Labs, and NXTUS, diving into remote working in Wichita.

Part one, Remote Control – Virtual, brings together moderator Sam Foreman of Foreman Law with remote workers and panelists Marquetta Atkins of Camp Destination Innovation and Seth Etter of Ad Hoc LLC.

Join us as we learn from Marquette and Seth about staying productive, navigating a virtual environment, and maintaining a work-life balance.

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Part Two: Remote Control – Post-COVID-19, will take place at Groover Labs on a date yet to be determined.

About our panelists

Marquetta Atkins is the Founder and Community Educator of Camp Destination Innovation, Director of Programming for Progeny at the Seed House, and Founder of WeKan! Women Entrepreneurs of Kansas. Her passion for youth development is rooted in her conviction that youth are the change-makers we need for the transformation of our communities, both today and in the future. In 2015 she founded Camp Destination Innovation to expose young people to a variety of career options; encouraging them to become the create their own futures.

Seth Etter is an API engineer with Ad Hoc LLC, a Washington D.C.-based software engineering firm that builds fast and efficient government digital services. Ad Hoc LLC formed out a group of software engineers who came together to rescue healthcare.gov. Etter is also a founding member of devICT, a group of individuals who share an interest in software. One of devICT’s more recent projects, VoteICT.org, is a service that provides text notifications about elections in Wichita.

About our moderator

The panel is moderated by Sam Foreman, an Attorney at Foreman Law, and a former Board Chair of W. Foreman Foreman Law is a community-focused law firm dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, startups, inventors, innovators, and all those who create. 

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