2016 YPW Commitment Award Finalists

Jul 25, 2016 · Meg Foreman - YPW Program & Marketing Manager

Congratulations to our YPW Commitment Award finalists! Finalists include: Tracy Anderson, Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball, Chtd.; Sam Foreman, Klenda Austerman, LLC; Zach Wiggins, Martin Pringle; Lindsey Wolf, Legacy Bank. This award is presented to the YPW member who attended the most official YPW events for the previous calendar year. Learn a little more about our finalists below.


Tracy Anderson, Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball, Chtd.

Follow: @tracy_a_anderson

What has been your favorite YPW experience?
Last summer the Access team put together a party bus/sailing event at Cheney Lake. It was a perfect warm day on the lake and I met so many new people within YPW and the within the Ninnescah Sailing Association. Sailing is not something I get to on a regular basis so it was a treat. Plus, did I mention party bus, how can you possibly not have fun on a party bus?

What is your number one restaurant recommendation in Wichita?
Growing up in South Texas I ate nothing but the best, most authentic Mexican food. After moving to Wichita I was on a mission to find a great restaurant with friendly customer service and fantastic food. It didn’t take long before I stumbled across Angela’s Café and I was hooked. It reminded me of home the second I walked through the door, the staff was so nice. Not just nice, but Texas nice. The food was just as it was growing up and many options on the menu that you don’t find in a chain restaurant. I give them 5 stars.

If someone were to ride in your car, what would they hear?
I think this is a humorous question since everyone that rides in the car with me knows that one I never shut up (even talking to myself while in the car alone) and two that I listen to wide variety of music. Sometimes it’s country, sometimes it’s rock and sometimes is classic music. I have a very eclectic taste in music.



Sam Foreman, attorney at Klenda Austerman

Follow: @WichiSam @WichiSam

What has been your favorite YPW experience?
This question is really hard to answer because there have been so many great ones. For me it has to be Enhance (although Founder’s Day and sailing on Lake Cheney are both amazing) because of the impact we have as a group of volunteers and the lives and communities that program changes.

What is your number one restaurant recommendation in Wichita?
Doo Dah Diner is really hard to beat for breakfast, especially Sunday Brunch or chicken and waffles with Belgian chocolate dipped bacon. Just amazing. Taste and See is also really great. And then there’s food trucks. Does picking all my favorites count as an answer?

What is the best event/show you’ve seen in Wichita?
A lot to choose from here, but Lion King was simply amazing.


Zach Wiggins, attorney at Martin Pringle

Follow: @ZachKWiggins | @MP_LawFirm

What was your first job?
My first real job was working as a cart boy at Rolling Hills Country Club. I took care of cleaning/storing the carts and bags for the members, and go to drive the cart that picked up balls on the driving range. Yes. Everyone aims for the cart. And yes, I jumped every time I got hit because it is incredibly loud in a metal cage when a golf ball hits it. The pay was terrible, but I could golf as much as I wanted for free, so I worked there for as long as I could!

If you had to choose an Olympic sport to compete in what would it be?
Table tennis. Meet me at the ICT Urban Pop-Up Park if you want to see why!

What has been your favorite YPW experience?
In addition to meeting and working with a ton of great young professionals and making so many connections, my favorite experience has been the leadership opportunities that I have received because of being an active member. I have been the chair of leadership link, sat on the board, and have become involved with the Old Town Association board and Child Start board all because of my experience with YPW. Those leadership development opportunities are very hard for YP’s to get outside of YPW.


Lindsey Wolf, AVP Human Resources at Legacy Bank

Follow: @lindseybwolf @lindseybwolf | @LocalLegacyICT @locallegacy

What was your first job?
I worked as a waitress at Miss Muzzies Tea Room in Augusta. They were open for lunch only. We served several ladies, in dresses and hats, coming in for a cup of tea. It was my first and only serving experience! I loved the tea room, and when I retire, I want to open one!!!!

What has been your favorite YPW experience?
All of them! YPW has been such a great experience all around. I have met some amazing people, friends, and mentors, through this organization. Some events or programs that I’ve attended I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to go to without being a member of YPW. I can’t just choose one. Each aspect of YPW has helped shape me personally and professionally.

If someone were to ride in your car, what would they hear?
They would hear pretty much everything! From Broadway soundtracks, to Today’s Hits, with a mix of contemporary Christian music! Right now my favorite song that I have on repeat is Church Clap by KB (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50QdqLYqvEQ). The only requirement is that whoever is in my car, if this song is playing, you MUST dance!!!


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