It’s easy to track your volunteer hours

Aug 16, 2016 · wyoungpros

Tracking your volunteer hours is now easier than ever! The Volunteer Hour Tracker has been given a new look that makes it faster to track hours. What’s even better is that you can go back and track hours from earlier this year. Those hours will only count for the hours in that quarter and not the current quarter, but it is still helpful for your own tracking and will give YPW a better idea of hour many hours members are volunteering. Thanks to Davis-Moore Auto Group, we are able to award two Community Service Superstars each quarter that receive an announcement via YPW social channels and a free oil change.

Here is a breakdown of how the months are separated into quarters:
Quarter 1: January 1st to March 31st
Quarter 2: April 1st to June 30th
Quarter 3: July 1st to September 30th
Quarter 4: October 1st to December 31st

There has been some confusion with the tracking process in regards to YPW volunteer hours VS. Non- YPW volunteer hours. See below for more clarification.

Action Team Volunteers: Your team secretaries will keep track of your attendance (because team meetings count as volunteering!). Team members’ YPW-related hours will also be tracked by the secretary. They will ask the team members how many hours they have volunteered for YPW that month and log the hours. Any hours that you volunteer outside of YPW will need to be logged on the Volunteer Hour Tracker.

Non-Action Team Volunteers & Members: You will use the easy online Volunteer Hour Tracker to submit all of your hours.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and happy volunteering!