Hello and Goodbye, an Interns Journey through YPW

Jun 22, 2018 · Reid Linot

Hello, and Goodbye?

This may seem a little backwards, considering it is my first and final blog post, but please, let me first introduce myself. My name is Dara Quastad and I am the Marketing and Communications Intern with Young Professionals of Wichita. Since January, I have had the immense pleasure of working alongside some of the most incredibly talented, and high achieving young individuals who are passionate about the well-being of Wichita.

As I’m reflecting back on the journey, I can’t help but share a few things I’ve learned and want to challenge myself with as I leave:

  1. Continue my education. Maybe it’s not getting a masters right away- but rather wanting to continue to grow and develop myself in my career by becoming more involved in the community. Wichita offers amazing opportunities to get plugged in for career, professional, or personal development. This can stem from volunteering, being on the board of a non-profit, or simply attending city council meetings. I never knew how crucial involvement on a local level is to supporting the wellbeing of a metro area until I started with the Chamber.
  2. Continue to support OUR businesses and organizations. Local businesses are where it’s at. They are the heartbeat of this town’s livelihood- so keep supporting them. (Oh, and branch out and try new places. Hint: downtown and Delano are not the only places you can do this.)
  3. Take risks, and understand I am qualified and here for a reason. I’m not the only young professional that has the mindset that tells you you’re here by chance or underqualified for the position. Whether it is a meeting with the top executives of your company or a high strung conference you’re attending don’t believe the lie that you were invited out of pity. You are a part of it for a purpose and the most qualified person for this job.


  1. Continually expand my network. Whether it’s professionally or personally, I want to grow the web of connections I’ve made through YPW. Besides, you never know where those connections could take you!

Now, if there’s one final thing I could say it would be thank you. Thank you Wichita for showing me that it is good to have pride in where you live. Thank you to the Wichita Chamber and YPW for supporting me through my final semester of college. Most of all, thank you to each person I met through YPW who took the time to introduce themselves, talk with me, or give me advice. Although I am sad to go, I am leaving with the firsthand knowledge that this community has some unbelievable young talent that will continue to pave the way for our community for generations to come.

About YPW:

Housed and staffed by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, YPW’s mission is to attract, engage and retain diverse young talent to effect positive change for a brighter future. With a membership of more than 3,300, YPW’s number one aspiration is brain gain for Wichita by facilitating professional and social connections, encouraging leadership development and building community pride.

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