YPW Member Spotlight: Dr. Chris Bollenbach

Feb 11, 2016 · Meg Foreman - YPW Program & Marketing Manager

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YPW Member: Dr. Chris Bollenbach, Bollenbach Chiropractic

Why did you join YPW?

I joined because I had been informed by a few friends in the city and a few people from the Chamber that it was a great way to meet younger professionals in the city and a great way to network.

Why should others from your profession join?

I joined so that I could get to know more of my peers and feel that is a great reason to join. It is also good to join because the group does so much to better the city on many levels.


How would you like to see Wichita grow?

I would like to see more community events that people actually attend. There is a lot that goes on in Wichita but I feel as if a lot of the community is complacent in the thoughts that “there is nothing to do in Wichita”. This is not the case. There just needs to be a little more PR for all the fun stuff that happens.

What keeps you engaged in YPW?

The frequent emails help keep me informed on what the group is doing and what is going on in the city. I especially like going to the mixers and other gatherings so that I can meet new people and get to see some of the attractions that the city has to offer.

What are your favorite things about the Wichita Community?

The people and vast variety of restaurants.


How has your YPW membership impacted you?

It has shown me that there is a big community of people who are working to improve Wichita in many ways. Aside from the resurgence of activity downtown and in the Delano district they are also trying to impact the city by giving back as volunteering is a big part of what the YPW stands for.

Where do you Volunteer?

I am in the process of volunteering my services at a not-for-profit youth gym so that kids who will likely never get the chance to be adjusted will be able to feel how much a healthy back can benefit them. It will also give me the chance to educate them on how to take care of themselves to avoid future aches and pains. I would also be interested in learning more about what volunteer opportunities there are in the city so that I can give back in more ways than one.

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