Building A Community of Young Professionals

Mar 28, 2019 · Alejo Cabral

Today we are changing our name. Young Professionals of Wichita is now W. Yes, W. Like the letter. Exactly like the letter, but we are so much more than just a letter.

This change in name, brand, logo, and website was spurred by our organization’s strategic plan that was created in 2017. This new name provides us with a broader platform to work and connect with more young professionals.

The new name and logo was developed through a collaborative process between the Board of Trustees; the Strategic Marketing Committee, a subcommittee of the Board; and Gardner Design

W is the beginning of Wichita, much as this organization is the beginning point for young professionals to launch their involvement with the community. It’s the beginning of many questions young professionals ask themselves early in their careers. Where do I build a network? Who can mentor me? What steps do I take to earn that promotion?

Uniquely, it is the longest of the letters in our alphabet phonetically. It is spelled ‘double you.’ It is the You before joining the organization and the transformative You that occurs after magnifying your effectiveness for the community by joining with others.

The slash following the W is indicative of what comes next, which for our members is that next level of involvement, that next accolade, that next job, that next step up offered to the generation yet to follow. For us it is “A Community of Young Professionals”. A community is what we are building every day; in the programs and events our volunteers plan, in the messages and topics we cover, and in the individuals that lead our organization. A community takes everyone.

We believe young professionals are the foundation of a thriving community and that our perspectives, diversities, and efforts are necessary for our success. We believe we make the difference in our community.

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