Wichita cultural organizations encourage young professionals to “DoWichita”

May 09, 2019 · wyoungpros

As part of Wichita’s recent effort to attract and retain young professional talent, Wichita arts and cultural organizations have launched a partnership with W (formerly known as Young Professionals of Wichita) to help young professionals unearth community culture.

The result of this partnership is DoWichita – a collaborative effort to offer affordable events and programs for young professionals.

A centralized DoWichita calendar will be housed on W’s website, and organizations will tag their events on social media with #DoWichita. This will be the key resource for young professionals, whether in age or in spirit, to know what is happening around town.

Current organizations represented are Exploration Place, Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita Art Museum, Botanica, Old Cowtown Museum, Mid-America All-Indian Center, Sedgwick County Historical Museum, and KMUW.

Media Note: Jan Luth, Exploration Place, and Patricia McDonnell, Wichita Art Museum, will serve as the spokespeople for DoWichita and will be happy to offer comments about how the conversation began. To schedule interviews, please contact their media representatives below:

 Christina Bluml, Exploration Place

Teresa Veazey, Wichita Art Museum