Opportunity Capital Mindset

Jun 01, 2016 · Sam Foreman - YPW 2016 Board of Trustees Chair

I am thrilled that Cargill has decided to stay in Wichita. I am excited that my friends who work for Cargill will still be here. I’m also excited for what this says about Wichita- as Mayor Jeff Longwell noted – this is a validation for the Opportunity Capital. Wichita is a better community for having Cargill here, and I am confident that Cargill will be a more successful company because of its presence here.

Becoming the Opportunity Capital requires the right mindset. Expecting failure and mediocrity will surely deliver it. As the story with Cargill demonstrates, we still have many challenges to continue to address as a community. But, as Cargill staying shows, we are capable of making progress and overcoming those challenges to create greater success for employers like Cargill and for our community.

Mindset matters. If we are to make the most of these opportunities, we have to expect success, and then hustle like hell to make it happen. Cargill isn’t the first and won’t be the last to consider whether Wichita is the right opportunity. We will continue to win some and lose some, but I’m confident that as we work together and create more and better opportunities here than anywhere, we are going to continue to attract, retain and start even more great companies that will make the Opportunity Capital an even better place. But to do that, we have to stop looking for and expecting failure and mediocrity, and expect success.

We can. We must. Expect success.

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