Unlocking Growth: The Value of Volunteering within W 

Oct 25, 2023 · wyoungpros

When I initially volunteered at W – A Community of Young Professionals, my primary goal was to connect with individuals at a similar age and stage in their careers.

At the time, I was joining W during a pivotal moment of change when the organization was consolidating action teams from six down to four.  An all-volunteer meeting was held to discuss the restructuring. That’s when I gained a comprehensive understanding of each team’s purpose within W. The Develop Team resonated with me, aligning with my aspiration to enhance my project management skills while contributing to specific programs offered by W.

A core group of dedicated volunteers led the charge during my two years with the Develop Team. Together, we worked on diverse programs like Group Mentoring, Leadership Academy, Mission Wichita, Donuts and Development and Adulting 101.

Thanks to these connections, I transitioned to W’s Board of Trustees in 2021 and eventually assumed the role of Board Chair in 2023.

My time at W has been a source of continual learning that has offered insights and experiences beyond the scope of my regular job. Being an active part of W has introduced me to unique and influential individuals and expanded my professional network to include a diverse array of backgrounds and perspectives. It has not only enriched my career but has equipped me to tackle challenges with creative solutions.

I enthusiastically recommend young professionals consider joining W for both personal and professional growth. As emphasized in our Start with W program, even if one doesn’t plan a long-term commitment, the value gained as a volunteer can far exceed the investment. The key is to dive in wholeheartedly, embrace discomfort by meeting new people and learn from their stories. In my view, the best volunteers and young professionals embody the ideals of being Humble, Hungry and Smart.]

Alex Hamel

2023 Board Chair

W – A Community of Young Professionals