Vote The Plains

Aug 27, 2020 · wyoungpros

If it is true that People are an organization’s greatest asset, then it must be our citizens—endowed with the right to vote and hold government to account—who are the greatest asset of our Democracy. And if it is true that young people are the lifeblood of any society, then it must be young citizens and young voters who will ensure the health and vitality of our American body politic.

Young professional groups and civic organizations across South Central Kansas invite all young people; black, white, brown, Asian, or indigenous; LGBTQ, straight, able-bodied, or disabled to make their voice heard in the November 2020 elections. For too long, the young and marginalized have been excluded from the decision-making apparatus and denied a seat at the table. It is time to pull up a chair.

It is our future that is on the ballot, and we choose to seize this moment and declare our readiness to change, our willingness to work, and our commitment to vote! Through our partnership with devICT and KMUW, we are initiating a pledge campaign to secure 2,020 commitments from voters aged 18-35, who are ready to cast their votes up and down the ballot this November.

Throughout the fall, we will tap into our incredible community of civic organizations to deliver virtual events and social media engagement with a focus on candidates, representation, and issues and policies. You will hear from local groups like W, Urban Professionals, Young Latino Professionals, Connecting ICT, Harvester Arts, Seed House, and more.

Much like the Keeper of the Plains, us young professionals and citizens act as Voters of the Plains, watching over the sanctity of our democratic institutions and championing a culture of civic participation. We have been given the awesome responsibility of carrying our Democracy forward and toward a more perfect union, and it all begins with voting.

Show up. Show out. Pledge your Vote today.

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