Wichita Young Professional Group Unveils New Name, Website

Apr 05, 2019 · wyoungpros

WICHITA YOUNG PROFESSIONAL GROUP UNVEILS NEW NAME, WEBSITE (WICHITA, KS) — Young Professionals of Wichita (YPW) has unveiled a new name, a new logo, and a new website as part of a rebranding initiative. The organization is now known as W.

The rebranding initiative was spurred by the organization’s website overhaul and the strategic plan created in 2017. The new name has provided a broader platform for working with and appealing to the young professional demographic.

“Our new name and brand directly reflects our evolving membership base in the organization,” said Lai-L Daugherty, W Board of Trustees Chair. “Our goal is to continue to modernize our organization and show that you don’t have to wear a suit to be a professional and make a direct impact on our community.”

The new name and logo was developed through a collaborative process between the Board of Trustees; the Strategic Marketing Committee, a subcommittee of the Board; and Gardner Design.

“W is a quintessential way to address the relationship of a generation of future leaders and the city of Wichita. W is the beginning of Wichita, much as the organization is the beginning point for young professionals to launch their involvement with the community,” said Bill Gardner, owner and founder of Gardner Design. “Uniquely, it is the longest of the letters in our alphabet from a phonetic standpoint and could be spelled ‘double you.’ It is the You before joining the organization and the transformative You that occurs after magnifying your effectiveness for the community by joining with others. The slash following the W is indicative of what comes next, which for the members is that next level of involvement, that next accolade, that next job, that next step up offered to the generation yet to follow.”

The holistic changes represent the organization’s goal to remain the foremost group for young professionals in the greater Wichita area. The brand colors are a vibrant lime green and a dark hunter green, both which signify growth and provide a fresh, more youthful color palette for the organization. The name W is inspired by Wichita, but is not an abbreviation: W signifies the beginning; what comes next is up for interpretation.

“Those just entering the workforce and joining W can carve a lot of paths for their own success,” said Alejo Cabral, W Director. “W is a way for them to make friends and ease into life as a working professional. It’s also a way for them to get involved civically or through volunteerism. Depending on what you want for yourself and for the community, W is what you make it.”

The new website offers a sleek, modern design and easy to use navigation optimized for all devices. Access to essential information such as the event calendar and ways to get involved are streamlined for immediate viewing. The new website places a more deliberate emphasis on the organization’s volunteers and members.

W remains affiliated with the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, who founded YPW in 2005 and continue to work closely together on various initiatives, including retention of talent and quality of place initiatives.

“The Chamber’s proud to see the way this community has embraced Young Professionals of Wichita since its inception 14 years ago,” said Gary Plummer, President and CEO, Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce. “With more than 3,700 members, this is one of the top organizations of its kind in the country. W’s new brand and strategic plan will only enhance their ability to collaborate with a community of young professionals and have a lasting impact on our region.”

ABOUT W Founded in 2005, W (formerly Young Professionals of Wichita) provides a community built by young professionals, for young professionals. With 3,700 members and counting, W is the foremost authority on issues pertaining to Wichita’s most viable workforce segment. ###

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