One River. One City. One Vision. One Voice.

Nov 15, 2019 · wyoungpros

This week the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan Design Team unveiled three options for our community to consider and move Wichita into the future. Now is our time to review the presented options and provide crucial feedback to the Design Team. Now is our time to engage in the process. Now is the time to be bold. Now is the time for young people to come together with a collective voice and speak up for our future. Join us on Monday, November 18 at Roxy’s Downtown to continue this conversation.

One River, One Vision.

W has been an active participant in the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan since June. We have been involved every step of the way; from having a voice on the Coalition to attending the various public meetings to holding our own listening sessions to make sure that our diverse voices are heard. The community is at a critical juncture in this process and it’s important that everyone lean in and speak up for their future.

Wichita needs you.

-Kate Flavin; W Board of Trustees, 2020 Board Chair

W has been the go-to organization of young professionals that are ready to lead and make a positive impact in Wichita. W is a modern and inclusive organization, ready to have a seat at the table when it comes to making decisions about our community.

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